Important event in Malaga for Queen Letizia. An act on human trafficking and sexual slavery with feminist content against the background of women’s empowerment and equality. The Queen is dedicated to this field of work. She doesn’t want to divert the focus even one millimeter. Therefore, for this appointment in Malaga she has launched a discreet, recycled and rescued look. A Hugo Boss from previous seasons.

Queen has presided over the 2nd International Congress on Human Trafficking, which was held in the Edgar Neville auditorium in Malaga. The objective of the meeting is to work in the area of ​​prevention of trafficking for sexual exploitation, considered the most widespread form of slavery in the world and which affects millions of people. At the heart of the debate is education, as a starting point for raising awareness and sensitization to achieve social rejection of prostitution.

Debating alongside the Queen are Mónica Margarit, from the non-profit organization Betania; and Rocío Mora Nieto (director of APRAMP). Betania, based in Cádiz, serves people at risk of social exclusion, such as former prisoners, immigrants, women victims of trafficking and victims of gender violence. To make visible the work of the Association for the Prevention, Reintegration and Care of Prostituted Women (APRAMP), two years ago the Queen wore a dress by Ulises Mérida, which she made in collaboration with this institution.

In Malaga, Hugo Boss

On this occasion, the consort has retrieved from the closet a Hugo Boss dress with a crew neck, without marls, that is fitted at the waist. The particularity of this piece is the optical effect of a thousand stripes in black and white. She combined the design of the German brand with some shoes kitten-heels.