Queen Letizia returns to London: a two-piece lady and those autumn flowers

Doña Letizia returns to London. It is a working visit to the headquarters of Cancer Research UK, the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR). The reason, the world day of research against this disease. This appointment on your international agenda took place this Thursday, September 21, in the morning at the C¡ty.

Queen Letizia has a special connection with London. When she travels to the capital of the Thames she chooses her outfits with great care. Sometimes she gives away news. On this occasion, she repeated the script and decided to release it. Lady look with a two-piece set dotted with flowers on a graphite blue background. The best, the pleated skirt with that floral print that announces the beginning of autumn.

The wife of Felipe VI, as president of the Spanish Association against Cancer (AECC), shows her firm commitment to the fight against this disease. This London event projects her image on the international stage, in the field of health.

The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) of London is one of the world’s leading organizations in this field with a presence in 39 countries. This year’s line of work focuses on inclusion, diversity and equality. Its endorsement is the extensive history of excellent research in cancer patients, such as the value of screening and early detection in diagnoses. In addition, it leads the world ranking in drug development, genetics and precision radiotherapy.