So much Charles III as Camilla Parker-Bowles they are imposing their own way of doing things on the Crown, even if that means break some other tradition. Buckingham Palace has confirmed that the queen consort has refused to have ladies-in-waiting.

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Instead, the wife of the British monarch will have the help of ‘queen’s companions’ (Queen’s companions). This was a non-existent position in the palace until now with which that of Lady in waiting.

In addition to a different title, the ‘queen’s companions’ will no longer take on the tasks that were traditionally assigned to ladies-in-waiting. In this context, they will no longer be in charge of attending to the queen’s correspondence, nor planning her agenda. His main function will be to accompany Camilla in some official acts. A task for which they do not receive a salary, but allowances to cover their expenses.

Within the group of women elected to assume the position, there are close friends of the stepmother of Guillermo y Harry: The Marchioness of Lansdowne, Lady Brooke, Jane von Westenholz, Sarah Troughton, Lady Sarah Keswick and Baroness ‘Carlyn’ Chisholm. Troughton, Charles III’s second cousin, already has experience nodding to the royal family, having been a lady-in-waiting to the Duchess of Kent for a decade. On the contrary, others like the Marchioness of Lansdowne are professionals in sectors such as interior design.

This Tuesday, Camilla will receive other royal women in Buckingham such as Rania from Jordan, matilda from belgium y mary from denmark in an act against gender violence, and there it is expected to be the debut of one of the queen’s companions.

The former ladies-in-waiting Isabel IIFor their part, they will be in charge of helping Carlos in the preparation of some official acts in the palace, although they will no longer be known by that title but as ‘ladies of the house’.