Ecuador’s victory over Qatar (0-2) in the opening match of the World Cup brought together an average of 3,099,000 million viewers on RTVE’s La1, to be the most watched this Sunday, according to a statement from the channel.

The first match of the tournament in the Asian country obtained a 25.5 percent share, with La 1 leading the day, with a 15 percent ‘share’. The game was the most watched space on Sunday, with an average of 3,099,000 viewers, while 7,212,000 people watched it at some point.

The opening match, in which Ecuador beat the host Qatar (0-2), achieved the golden minute on Sunday at 5:37 p.m., with 3,351,000 viewers and a 27.8 percent share. The preview of the duel was the second most watched space of the day, with 2,560,000 viewers and a

21.8 percent. And he also led his slot at the World Cup opening ceremony with 2,354,000 people following him on television and a 20.2 percent share.

The 3 hours and 48 minutes dedicated yesterday to the Qatar World Cup on La1 increased the audience by 543,000 viewers and 1.4 share points compared to the tournament held in Russia in 2018. They reached an average of 2,836,000 people and 23.7 percent. percent, and registered 9,148,000 contacts at some point in the broadcast, 20 percent of the population.