“I stay with the Clásico from 2-6 because of its meaning and because I scored”


Former FC Barcelona player Carles Puyol has assured that his ex-teammate Gerard Piqué is one of the “best centers in history” and is confident that he will give the highest level this Sunday in the Camp Nou Classic against Real Madrid, a duel he experienced several times who was captain of the considered best Barça in history.

“If I have to stay with a Clásico I would stay with 2-6 at the Bernabéu, because of the match, the result and because of the meaning that it was to be practically champions of the League. And I scored 1-2”, recalled the ambassador of LaLiga in statements provided by the competition.

Puyol acknowledged that his strength was not scoring, and that is why he fondly remembers that goal at the Bernabéu. “Scoring goals for me was extraordinary, I didn’t score many. And being able to score in a Classic is always special. I scored at a difficult time because they had taken the lead and gain an advantage, with 1-2, it always gives peace of mind,” he added.

On the other hand, he flattered Gerard Piqué, one of the few survivors of that 2-6 and who closed, in fact, the win. “The truth is that the connection with Gerard was very fast, first we connected outside and then on the pitch it was very easy to play alongside him,” he recalled.

“Gerard is a player of enormous quality, who knew Barcelona’s game very well because he was from La Masia. He is for me one of the best center-backs in history,” said Puyol.

And, about that Barça of Pep Guardiola, he has no doubt that he was the best. “They are very good memories, I could say that they are the best years of my career because of what we won and how we won it, what we enjoyed and the group that we had. They were spectacular years,” he acknowledged.