One of the best kept secrets in a wedding celebration is the bride’s dress. In the case of celebrities who sell their lives via exclusives, they tend to protect them even more so that the cache of selling their happiness does not decline.

Thinking that the wedding was taking place this Friday, June 2, in a church in the center of Madrid and in front of some 250 guests, Kiko Matamoros y Marta Lopez Alamo they made an unusual move by dressing as boyfriends two days before in Lectures.

The main attraction: that the young 26-year-old model was showing off her first wedding dress (of the three she planned to wear): a design from the Yolancris bridal collection from her minimal line, with a tight-fitting top marked by a deep neckline at the Contrasting back with long sleeves. We saw her with him this Friday at the entrance and exit of the Basilica of San Miguel, in Madrid.

The newly released as husband and wife reserved for another exclusive post-wedding the other two wedding dresses, the one for the banquet at the Ritz Hotel and the one for the celebration. However, interest has also waned because both designs have been leaked.

The second because of Terelu Camposwhich this Friday gave details for Save meand by the contestant of the island of temptations Tom Brusswho shared a photograph in which Marta appears in this dress by the Alicante designer Rubén Hernández, with a strapless neckline, bodice and silk embroidery.

The third has also been revealed by a photo that other guests shared on the networks: it is a dress with a halter neck, a feathered train and a large opening on the back.

Makoke also blew up the first exclusive

The shot also backfired for another reason. It must be remembered that the management of the magazine decided to go on the market last Wednesday with Makoke, the ex from Matamoros, occupying the main part of the cover and relegating Marta López Álamo and her first dress to the background. “Kiko is climbing the walls,” she assured Informalia a person very close to the contracting parties.

“He never imagined that the magazine with which he usually works, whose director he considers a friend, would do what he has done to him. He has not yet fully accepted it. And the worst thing is how they have made Marta feel, who, dressed As a girlfriend, she has been relegated on the cover by her future husband’s ex. They consider it contempt and lack of respect,” our source explained to us.