Reinier has not stopped proving that the Real Madrid He was not wrong with him, and despite being 18 years old, he is beginning to stand out. Yesterday, he showed off in the victory of Brazil before Bolivia with a goal and an assistance that has driven madridismo. Florentine He knows it, and his recent winter signing has left no doubt.

Lately there have been many criticisms that have rained Real Madrid, and specifically to Florentino Pérez after his recent young signings. Brazil it has been the center, well Vinicius, Rodrygo and Reinier A few weeks ago they have been the last Brazilian additions that have arrived in the Spanish capital due to their great projection of the future. (DC News: the last minute call from Real Madrid to Reinier)

With the arrival of Reinier just a few weeks ago (he has just turned 18) these criticisms have intensified, without taking into account the good vision of the future that the white team is having with the Brazilians, because although they begin to develop in the Castile, soon they go to the first team, as it happened with Vinicius and Rodrygo.

In addition, Real Madrid is happy with the new signings, because they know well that in a few years these players will be worth millions. Reinier, on the other hand, he is not worried about what they can say from outside, and yesterday he showed it again in the victory of Brazil to Bolivia in the Pre-Olympic, scoring a goal and giving a heel assistance that has gone around the world.