Paris Saint Germain wanted Ansu Fati as a relay from Kylian Mbappé. There is little goal in Europe and less goal in 18 years. The option of renewing the unilateral contract of FC Barcelona with Ansu for two years was somewhat ambiguous, it could be fought in court, that meant that PSG could offer to Ansu Fati a ‘free’ contract with a transfer bonus of 30 million euros and 15 million clean per season to start with. Just to start. PSG considers Ansu Fati one of the three footballers who will mark the next decade, the natural replacement of Leo Messi in the world title.

When Ansu He was recovering in Madrid from his last knee operation, Liverpool became interested in the player. The English club wanted to know more about the post-operative period and about its contractual situation. Liverpool cared less to wait two more years if finally LaLiga sided with Barça. He wanted the Spanish-Guinean forward as a fundamental piece for his future project. Liverpool’s offer was similar to the one that Manchester United had sent to its representative a year ago, Jorge Mendes: 15 million euros net per year and transfer bonus. And United was willing to invest 120 million euros for the signing, salary on the sidelines.

And Jorge Mendes was another type of representative, let’s say how Mino Raiola, would have started an auction for the player, but Mendes always thought there was no better club for Ansu than Barça. If the family The fate I would have thought about the money and not the player’s career, they would have listened to the offers but Ansu He said “only Barça”. If the negotiator of the Blaugrana club were not as professional a guy as Matthew German, the negotiations would have been prolonged in time giving a feeling of improvisation and unclear ideas. Ansu he is clear that he wants to be Barça’s ’10’ for the next decade, his family supports him and the negotiators are very professional