There is no condescension from the PSG ultras side. The anger for the elimination in the Champions League has not expired and it will take time to do so. Despite the fact that the team is about to sentence the league, some of the staunchest fans have decided to maintain their position of silence during this Sunday’s classic against Marseille as a sign of protest against a bad season marked by the hasty goodbye of the European Cup.

Despite the fact that the clash against Olympique always arouses many emotions, in this case the general disgust for not having met expectations seems to prevail: “I hope they support the team,” he claimed. Pochettino a couple of weeks ago, before a necessary and convincing victory against Lorient that at least served not to fuel a sufficiently tense atmosphere. The win in Clermont helped, but it doesn’t give PSG the ultimate pardon either.

There is a question that many fans ask themselves: to support the players again in this French classic or to continue with this confrontational position with the club? Some are in favor of excusing PSG and turning the page once and for all. Others, on the other hand, believe that it is necessary to continue demanding explanations and some other resignation, such as that of Leonardo or that of Pochettino. Meanwhile, Marseille expect the least hostile environment against them in recent years.