The City was yesterday the puppeteer of a diminished PSG, defeated precisely in the Etihad. Pochettino you have reason to worry. The team does not transmit, does not enthuse, and above all it seems to have been stuck in time: “Classification without glory”, headlines this morning L’Équipe. Being second in the group does not console either because the draw brings him a confrontation against a big player from Europe, a punishment for the lack of ideas he has had for a long time.

The Emir of Qatar takes away the dream of raising the Champions League after spending a fortune but PSG is not on the right track: “It is not up to the task because it does not have a game plan,” summarizes the newspaper Le Parisien. Subject to three intermittent footballers, little engaged in some tasks, Pochettino He seems tied hand and foot: “It can’t be him,” he says. Thierry Henry, another of the many who wonders if he has to accept the United bench.

PSG has gradually lost credibility. In France he is going to take the street league because it is better than the rest, although that poor argument leads him to get frustrated in Europe: “It has never given the feeling of being a team. Gives the impression that Pochettino he is resigned to the magnitude of the task he has ”, analyzes RMC Sport, aware that being subject to Messi, Neymar and Mbappé it also has its negative side. PSG is a candidate, but not a favorite.