PSG has subscribed to suffering and overcoming adverse situations with astonishing ease. Rare is the encounter where you don’t have to rush to tie up the win. The comeback against Leipzig was the latest example. Despite winning and staying first in the group, the dressing room is no stranger to the feelings it gives off. Although there is always the resource of Messi o de Mbappé, something has to improve in the game to compete for the Champions League.

The French winger said after the clash that PSG has to polish things up: “I don’t think it was a bad night but it is undeniable that there were moments when we showed weaknesses.” The team frequently breaks down and suffers more than necessary behind. Losses penalize too much behind, forced to multiply to counteract the counterattacks of rivals that with spaces are lethal. The Leipzig, too.

PSG, however, has the best soloists on the planet. And that usually fixes a lot of problems. Yesterday’s box Pochettino did not have Neymar but the talent of Mbappé and the subtlety of Messi, author of two so many brand of the house. The first, with a shot placed at the base of the stick. The second, from a penalty, executed a la Panenka. Coldly, the Argentine gave the victory to a PSG who knows that the reflection has to go beyond the scoreboard.