More than a hundred Real Valladolid fans gathered late this Thursday afternoon in the parking lot of the José Zorrilla stadium to ask the club’s management to remove the new shield and keep the old one.

The demonstration was called by the Federation of Supporters Clubs, which in two days has collected more than 6,000 signatures through a form on its website to ask the club’s management to withdraw the new design or, failing that, to make a consultation among the 18,017 subscribers of the entity.

The president of the Federation of Supporters Clubs of Real Valladolid, Mario Puertas, criticized the fact that the club’s board of directors had not “properly counted on the fans” and echoed a majority rejection in the more than fifty grouped supporters’ clubs.

“We have to make the club see that we believe that they have made a mistake, that it can be rectified at least in the medium term and if they believe that it is a success, that they hold a referendum among the subscribers to see which one they identify with the most and with which shield they want. continue,” he said.

Social networks have also echoed this controversy and many Pucelan followers have shown their rejection of the new logo and have pointed directly at the president, Ronaldo Nazàrio, and the director of the Presidency Cabinet, David Espinar, for which many fans have described as a “betrayal”.

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