The tonadillera’s niece, who is grieving after burying his father on November 25has a new open front: pinocchiothe alleged illegitimate son of Bernardowould have started the legal procedures to be recognized.

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“He is very affected by not having been able to go to the funeral home and wants to start the legal procedures to be recognized as one more member of the Pantoja family,” they say from socialite. And it is that the young man would have a DNA test that would demonstrate, to 99.9% that he is the son of Bernardo.

“He is not pursuing any great fortune, but it is a debt that he has with Bernardo who told him ‘you call me dad, because I am your father,” says paparazzi Pablo González. “If Anabel has any doubt that I am her brother, come to me and ask me for proof”, is Pinocchio’s message to Anabel Pantoja.

Bernardo has been one of the most unknown brothers of Isabel Pantoja, since he always led a more discreet life, away from the media spotlight and with a certain distance in the media. In recent years he has suffered numerous health ailments derived from the diabetes he suffered from.

In recent years it has emerged that Bernardo had a supposed son, Louis, ‘Pinocchio’which would have resulted from an extramarital relationship during his relationship with Mercedes. A man who has spoken before the cameras of Save me and that he himself would have recognized as such, but that he does not enjoy his last names: “I have never hidden that I have a son, Luis. I have a good relationship with him for more than 20 years,” Bernardo came to say. He also admitted: “I have not told Anabel.”