The experts in oratory and declamation are very clear: the princess eleanor he gives a thousand turns to his cousin Victoria Federica when speaking in public. The daughter of the Infanta Elena made a fool of herself a few days ago at a charity event organized (for which she was paid) by a famous hamburger restaurant.

He was unable to string together, without stumbling, three sentences in a row, to the astonishment of those who attended the event. And comparisons with the future queen of Spain have already emerged, who shows greater ease in any of her official interventions.

In addition, they both lead completely different lives, Leonor is an exemplary student, a discreet young woman, an enemy of partying and very disciplined, while Vic goes from party to party, enjoys being in the media and ignores maternal advice.

What’s more, lately it has been rumored that the infanta and her daughter would have a somewhat complicated relationship, because Doña Elena has reproached her uncontrollable girl for the type of life she leads and the excessive prominence, for better and for worse, before the media.