Princess Anne is discharged after being admitted for a head injury

Good news for the British royal family. The Princess Anne73, was discharged from hospital on Friday after several days in Bristol hospital. The sister of Charles III was admitted to the medical centre last Sunday with a concussion and minor injuries, as reported by Buckingham Palace. Although the details of the accident were not disclosed, everything points to the injury being caused by a horse accident.

Thus, this Friday, Buckingham issued a statement to indicate that Princess Anne has already been discharged after five days in hospital. They have also explained that the princess will recover at her home in Gatcombe Park.

Princess Anne is back at her home in Gatcombe Park after being discharged from hospital this morning after five days in hospital after being injured by a horse“, reads the brief statement they have issued.

Although fortunately the princess is now resting at home, the truth is that the monarch’s little sister begins a period of rehabilitation that will keep her out of public life until further notice. “She will go through a period of rehabilitation, rest and recovery at home, and she will only return to public duties when the medical council deems it appropriate,” says the British Royal Family in the statement they issued.

During these days, Princess Anne has not made any statements about her state of health. However, her husband, Tim Laurencedid reveal last Wednesday how the princess’s recovery process was going. “He is slowly recovering, thank you. It’s going slowly, but surely”, he stated. Likewise, the king’s brother-in-law declared: “It will come out when it is ready“.