Prince William’s secret trip to the Ukrainian border to encourage the troops

It was a secret “personal mission” for security. He Prince Guillermo traveled to Poland, specifically to the town of Resovia (Rzeszóv), about 100 kilometers from the border with Ukraine this Wednesday, March 22. There, at the foot of the field, the heir had the opportunity to talk with members of the Polish Army and also with British troops.

He was dressed in civilian clothes. Dressed in a jacket and blue shirt (no tie), the Prince of Wales, a British Army officer from Sandhurst Academy, landed in Poland on a personal mission to show his support for the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom. Guillermo, surrounded by tanks, visited the base of the Territorial Defense Air Force of the Third Brigade in Resovia, where he held a meeting with the Ukrainian Defense Minister, Mariusz Blaszczac.

In an official tweet posted by Kensington Palace, the prince shared: “This afternoon I traveled to Poland to meet British and Polish troops, where I heard about their extraordinary work in support of Ukraine.” And he added: “My message to them on behalf of all of us, thank you!” Furthermore, the son of Charles III He stressed British cooperation in backing “the Ukrainian people and their freedom,” which are also “our freedoms.” He had a few words of tribute to the Polish people “for their inspiring humanity”.

After this visit, Guillermo moved to Warsaw, where he toured a center for refugee accommodation installed in an office building. Poland has received more than 1.5 million Ukrainians out of the 8 who have left their country since the war broke out over the invasion of Russia, according to data published by CNN.