Great surprise among the regular customers of the Butero Bistrot restaurant, in Warsaw, when they saw the Prince Guillermo having dinner accompanied by his staff at Kensington Palace, as he has published Daily Mail. The son of Charles III He was in the Polish capital on a trip that began on Wednesday, March 22. Specific, visited the town of Resovia (Rzeszóv), about 100 kilometers from the border with Ukraine.

It was the team of the heir to the throne that was in charge of making the restaurant reservation, since minutes before arriving at his table, it appeared reserved with a small sign that read Prince William. One of the people employed at the LGTBIQ establishment zealously glued the reservation to a chair.

The brother of Harry He ordered a pork loin sandwich that cost 8.50 euros. The local staff thanked the prince for his visit, as the newspaper points out. From the Butero Bistrot Instagram account they confirmed the dinner and shared: “We are also surprised, but where else would you feel good and safe than in our queer and loving space? We did what we do best: feed ourselves and the rest is history “.

For Guillermo, the trip to Poland was of a personal nature and on a “secret mission” for security reasons. The Prince of Wales showed his support and support for the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom. Guillermo visited the base of the Territorial Defense Air Force of the Third Brigade in Resovia, and then moved to Warsaw, the capital.