All the media focus points in Boston towards the princes of Wales, who land this Wednesday, November 30. It is his first visit to the North American country in eight years and also his first trip to the other side of the Atlantic since the death of the queen. Isabel II in September. Guillermowhich he inherited from his father, Charles III, his strong commitment to the sustainability of the planet, delivers the Earthshot Awards in the company of his wife, which are considered the environmental Nobel Prizes. This visit to the US comes overshadowed by the coldness that marks the relationship between the two sons of Carlos III. The last image of Harry and Guillermo in a public act was taken on September 19 during his grandmother’s funeral.

This is a three-day work trip for Guillermo and Kate in Boston, where they will announce the winners of the Earthshot, awards that recognize the work and contribution of people or companies for the environment. It is The Royal Foundation that awards the distinctions, which have the support of the United Nations. For the prince, this ceremony has become his “Super Bowl moment of the year”, as published Daily Mirror citing the prince’s entourage.

The gala will take place at the city’s MGM Music Hall, after the first edition that took place in London in 2021. To support the cause and give the gala greater visibility, numerous artists will gather, such as Billie Eilish, Beyonce, Rami Malek (Freddie Mercury and Bohemian Rhapsody) y Annie Lennox.

In this work context, Guillermo and Kate will become protagonists of the media for a few days. As much as the princes try to focus on the content of their trip, on the environment and on their defense of Nature, their estrangement with their brother Harry will not go unnoticed since their departure from the royal family together with Meghan in 2020.

This visit to the US coincides with the furor that the fifth season of The Crown (Netflix) and with the Harry and Meghan docuseries, whose premiere date on the streaming platform is set for December 8, according to Page Six. Will they ask Guillermo about this cooling off with his brother?