Ten days after the release of In the shadow (Spare)These are the sales figures for Harry: 3.2 million books sold; 2.5 in English. These data include all formats: paper, ebook and audiobook. In just 24 hours, it sold 1.4 million copies, putting it at the top of the fastest-selling nonfiction books ahead of Obama’s memoir, according to Forbes. In other words, a Guinness record. This is the story of the prince who denies being one. He releases the autobiography of him and becomes a bestseller like Harry Potter.

Since last December, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been in promotion mode. They started with the Netflix series, that overexposure of themselves, that addiction to drama and that navel gazing. They settled on their truth as the only story and built an image of the Windsor family that turned out to be devastating, because it was conspiratorial and persecutory towards them. Furthermore, in that strategy, The Firm it would have some media to which they would have leaked information to harm them. The contract that the Sussexes signed with the giant streaming It was valued by some media at 100 million dollars (91 million euros). This on one side.

On the other, the 20 million dollars (18 million euros) that the son of Charles III with the publisher Penguin Random House as an advance for the release of the first edition of the book. We continue with the podcast. The Sussexes would have reached an agreement of about 18 million dollars (16 million euros) with Spotify for a production, Forbes estimates.

Also, Harry and Meghan they acquired their property in Montecito (Los Angeles) for which they would have paid 14 million dollars (12 million euros). Seen the son of the king of england and his wife have managed to capitalize on the media pull of their break with the royal family and turn their experiences in the palace into a source of income.

His various projects to make movies, television and more books that are on the way would fatten the accounts of the dukes up to 1,000 million, as he refers Daily Mail.