If a few days ago it was Charles III who made the headlines for his way (or rather bad way) of treating his employeesnow his grandson is in the news, the Prince Georgefor the replies he has with only nine years.

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As revealed by Katie Nicholl in her book The News Royalsthe firstborn of Guillermo y Kate Middleton he argued with one of his classmates and did not hesitate to warn him: “My father will be king, so you better be careful.”

An attitude that surprises before the different image of the Prince of Wales, always publicly educated. “They are raising his children, particularly Prince George, with an awareness of who he is and the role he will inherit,” Nicholl wrote.

The prince’s older brother Harry He is the heir to the British crown after his father was appointed monarch, at age 73, after the death of the queen Isabel IIon September 8.

Next in line for succession is George, who now becomes Prince of Cambridge. Then he is followed by his sister Charlottewho is only seven years old. Behind them, appears the youngest brother, the prince Louis, of four. Coming up next is the Duke of Sussex, who resigned from being an active member of the royal family in 2020. And in sixth place, Archiehis firstborn with Meghan Markle.