Premiere League Predictions 2020-21: Sports Pundits Pick Their Top Four

Premiere League Predictions 2020-21: Sports Pundits Pick Their Top Four

With Premiere League coming soon, here we are with our predictions 2020-21. Let’s take a look at the details now. For more information, you can also log into

Last season, we witnessed the victory of Liverpool after 30 years of wait. But what about 2020-21? How Manchester United is going to perform this season? Can Tottenham or Arsenal break into the Premiere League?

Before the 2020-21 Premiere League starts, we are here with our top four selections and the explanations for the same.


Last season more than 30% of the sports pundits thought that Liverpool will win the title. Out of 24, 23 of them assumed that they will end up in the top two. This season more than 50% of the pundits think that they will win the championship. Out of 25, 21 of them think that they will finish in the top two.

  • Rob Green: Since the team have scored 97 and 99 in two successive seasons, it is obvious to expect them to repeat the same this season as well.
  • Mark Lawrenson: He is worried about the fact that the top three players from the team have put up a tremendous performance in the last three seasons. So what happens if they have sustained any injuries?
  • Alex Scott: He was sure that they will win the title last season. But repeating the same this season can be a bit difficult as they haven’t improved their game yet. However, he is sure that they will get close enough.

Man Utd

This is the first time since 2017-2018 that anyone has considered that Man Utd may win the championship. Last season, only 24 experts thought that they would make in the top three, while only 29% was expecting that they will be in the top four. However, they finished third. This time more than 96% of the experts think that they will be in the top four.

  • Danny Murphy: Man Utd have improved their game to a great extent. This season they appear to be fully confident. Not just that, but they have also got a lot of creativity. They have Donny van de Beek in their team who is a great selection for their team.
  • Sue Smith: Ole Gunnar is a strong player who is capable of giving a tough game to the other teams. Other than him Mason and Fernandes are also great. If they can manage to get another strong defender and center forward, then they will be tough to beat.
  • Joleon Lescott: They need Sancho to make their team strong. Any PL club will sign him including Liverpool.

Manchester City

This is the fifth season in a row where Man City has ranked in the top four selections. They also believe that the team is going to end up in the top two.

  • Chris Sutton: Man City is the only team to win back-to-back PL seasons in 2009. However, he believes that their title defense last season was very poor. This is why he is expecting them to perform better this time.
  • Leon Osman: City have made their team strong, but how they perform in the field depends on the fitness of Aymeric Laporte. He is worried about the fact that if he gets injured again, then the team can get into trouble as he is their top defender.
  • Joleon Lescott: Liverpool performed well in the last season, but City’s condition played a significant role in this. But he is happy that Pep Guardiola has got more depth at the back. Also, the team has signed Nathan Ake who is a versatile player.


Last season, more than 70% of the sports pundits assumed that they would not be in the top four. However, they proved everyone wrong. This is why this time over 95% of the experts are expecting them to be in the top three.

  • Ruud Gullit: There is no doubt that Chelsea is trying hard to get into the top two. They have signed good players and strengthening their team. However, its Premiere league, and nothing is easy here.
  • Rob Green: He believes that the team was lacking in consistency that Liverpool has. This is why they need to put in more effort this season to make up for their shortcomings. They have to look for ways to win the game, in case, things don’t flow their course.
  • Pat Nevin: Chelsea is trying hard to break into the top two. They have spent a lot of money in signing new players to make the team strong. Right now, the team is looking good. However, everyone is aware of their problems. Many people believe that the goalkeeper is the problem. However, Pat Nevin doesn’t believe that.

Sports pundits have different opinions regarding the different teams this season. Let the match begin and we will get to see whose predictions are right.