Premier League clubs unhappy with Newcastle sale and they are pushing to arrange a meeting next week. As published The Guardian, the 19 remaining clubs in the English top competition are united in opposition to the purchase of Newcastle by the Saudi consortium and they want to have answers to understand why they were notified with such a short time and why the situation has changed so much in recent days. As advertised by the English medium, the meeting is not so much to destroy the purchase -because they are late for that- but to understand the reasons that have led to it.

All teams have expressed their concern about the events that occurred. From now on, 80% of Newcastle will be in the hands of a Saudi investment when months ago they were denied the operation for not fitting in with many of the standards that are required in the legislation of the competition itself. It is understood, according to The Guardian, that the arrival of a new millionaire to the league will lead to a new inflation in salaries and transfer.

Newcastle Crest / Flag

The executive director of the Premier League, Richard Masters, as well as its president, Gary Hoffman, have received complaints from the other clubs since the first approach of the consortium to the Newcastle It occurred in March 2020 but was denied after four months.

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