Taking care of very solvent sources, Informalia He already denied the alleged row between the Sol de México and the Valencian bullfighter in a Madrid restaurant. Days after the whirlwind of information, the Enrique Ponce has denied the fight between him and the new boyfriend of dove caves, Luis Miguel.

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“Enrique flatly denies the fight. Not only that, but he says that he has not seen Luis Miguel and that he has not had contact with him since before the pandemic”, Antonio Rossi confessed this Monday in Ana Rosa’s program. The journalist added: “What’s more, he says that he is indifferent to the singer’s relationship with his ex-partner.”

However, the one from Chiva would have tied his own loose ends: “Now he suspects that Luis Miguel’s relationship with him was to be close to Paloma Cuevas, that it was not a deep relationship, he considers that he has not been a friend and that maybe came closer to be close to Paloma”.

It must be remembered that Paloma and Luis Miguel have been friends for decades and he became a compadre for Ponce. After the Valencian began a relationship with the young woman Ana Soria, the artist turned to his friend and became his cloth of tears. “The relationship has been cold since I separated, because he took more sides for the other party,” the bullfighter came to confess.

The fight that never happened

The Mexican journalist Fabian Lavalle He said last week that the right-hander would have confronted the singer during a dinner in a restaurant in Madrid. According to Lavalle, they got involved in a forced dialogue more typical of a soap opera than reality.

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This medium was able to confirm from very close sources that this scene never took place and that Luis Miguel did not meet Ponce in any restaurant in the capital. And much less in the presence of Cuevas. In addition, the three never shared such a scenario.