Carlos Pomares (Valencia, 1992) arrived in the summer from Alcorcón, to reinforce the left side, where he has a tough competition with Álex Muñoz. Curiously, he was on the potter's bench when Lasso was injured in the last duel at the Heliodoro. Speaking slowly, he analyzed the contribution of the VAR and told details of what the soccer player's routine has changed due to COVID-19.

Tenerife's defeat in Butarque was unfair, right?

Each one presented the game plan and they were fortunate to take all three points on that play. I think we played a great game and it was a shame.

It is that the mistake or failure of Moore, cost them dearly.

More than a mistake, it was a slip. In addition, the player was lucky that the ball is so close to the post that Dani does not arrive. Even guessing where it was going, it wouldn't have arrived. It is a pity how the play was made and how the rival resolved.

There were controversial plays and even a phrase from the referee revealed by Sol and Ramis who warned a Leganés player that the next one would give him a penalty.

Sometimes referees express themselves in certain ways that can be taken out of context. The play is quite doubtful and if they are wrong, what we ask the players is that they do a bit of self-criticism to improve the system, them or the VAR so that football is a fairer sport.

In that sense, what do you think of the appearance of VAR?

Tenerife Shield / Flag

There is everything. I do hope that in the future it will help more than it takes away, but not only to us but to any team, any game and competition. I think that VAR is a very good tool to remove doubts from the main referee, even the assistants or the fourth official. I would like those details to be polished that I am sure are in it. Hopefully as soon as possible.

Looking towards Sunday, Alcorcón is a special rival, right?
There are ex-colleagues from a place where I was very comfortable. I am delighted to receive you and I hope to greet you because with this COVID-19 we cannot get together between players to keep a little distance because you do not know who is asymptomatic. If not, I will send you a message because I keep good companions there.

Have you been able to see Monday's game against Real Zaragoza?

Yes. I saw for a while what the child left me.

Something similar to that of Butarque happened, but the other way around because a mistake by the rival gave him victory.

Yes, that's right, although there have also been other games that have hurt them. It is a bit the line that happened to us at the beginning: we made merits to take something and always fell the other way. Soccer is like that and it always picks up streaks of bad and good.

Alcorcón's last visit to the stadium is remembered for Borja Lasso's ugly injury. You were on the bench that day. What do you remember of that action?

I remember it was my first call up after an injury. From the bench it didn't seem so much to us, but when we saw Borja complaining a lot, because I've encountered him in other games and he's not complaining, we said that he must have something. The footballer who entered him is a spectacular kid and even in training he feels bad when he commits a foul. He wrote to him and I even think he went to visit him at the hospital.

It seems that he is finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“I'm sure they are already polishing those details that the VAR is missing”


Yes. He is a player who contributes a lot and has grown in many facets. Hopefully he will be there as soon as possible because he can give us different things in the center of the field.

Personally, how are you doing on the island, at the club?

Very good. I have already passed the adaptation period that here costs a little more because you are far from home and there are many extra football things that must be put in order, but already very comfortable, enjoying the time, the teammates and trying to perform at the best to bring joy to the club.

Despite being a left back, he has already scored two goals and even scored in preseason at Las Palmas. He is a defender with arrival and goal.

Or at least he tries (laughs). As long as that helps the team score points, it is welcome. And hopefully many more will come.

In addition, he has stiff competition in the position with Álex Muñoz.

That is the beauty of football and high-performance sports, the demand between the two because that is good for the team and difficult for the coach who has to choose. That is also our mission. Then, in the end, the one who decides is him.

And speaking of the coach, it seems that he is already hitting the button.

He transmits an idea and when that idea reaches everyone and everyone believes in it, it is much easier to take it in the field and with results. There are times when the idea is not caught or that coach does not transmit it depending on many factors. But in this case, Ramis has hit the mark and I hope he continues like this to continue scoring points.

What kind of game do you expect on Sunday? Because on the rival bench is Anquela, an old fox …

We know that the team works very well defensively, that it gives them a lot of 'punch' when it comes to pushing as an aggressive team. Knowing that, I imagine a game of many duels, at the limit of the regulation. It will be a tough game and the most certain is that it will not be resolved in the first minutes.

Still time to get hooked?

“In Second, until you have fifty points, you can't think of anything else”


In the Second Division there are many teams that have wanted to have higher sights and it is proven that the first thing you have to do is 50 points. The sooner you get them the better because you have more enthusiasm for being up or trying to get hooked, but everything that is not being focused on those 50 points is wrong in this category. He has been seen with Depor last year. They had a good team, budget and fans and in the end in football there are more things.

I mentioned before the care for COVID-19. Everything has changed a lot, hasn't it?

Before you did not take care of anything about washing your hands, putting on a mask. All those protocols you did not have by any means. And now between the fact that you cannot enter the locker room, only certain people can be in the locker room, you have to take turns before training, if you do an activity that involves the team you can no longer do it inside, but outside … in hotels no longer you can meet up with colleagues and you have to stay in the room. It has changed quite a bit.

In Tenerife, except for one case in preseason, there have been no infections.

The truth is that the squad has behaved very well. The companions we take it to the letter and we have the staff on top of those things. We are responding well and keep it up.

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