Pochettino did not start his career with PSG on the right foot … or with Mbappé. Their first Ligue 1 game against Saint Ettiene was eagerly awaited but, with little time to instill their ideas in the squad, the team did not go beyond the draw and remains second in the table tied with Lille, three points behind the leader, Olympique de Lyon. But beyond that circumstance, A statement by the Argentine coach about his star, Mbappé, surprised him now that the future of the player, pending renewal, is caught with pins. “Mbappé has to improve, like everyone else. You will be disappointed that we did not win. But his attitude was good. I'm happy with what he did. “ Palo, openly saying that he must improve, and carrot, praising his attitude, for the striker, which was one of the reasons why the Parisian club decided to dispense with Tuchel's services.

For this reason, the friction between Mbappé and Tuchel, the relationship that Pochettino may have with the French star, the true franchise player of PSG beyond Neymar, is looked at with a magnifying glass. PSG is in the process of renewing the contracts of both. In the case of Mbappé, It is well known that Madrid will go decisively for him next summer, once he has achieved, according to the strategy he proposed a few months ago, that the star did not renew. And it is precisely the arrival of Pochettino that adds suspense to this situation, since PSG has promised the coach that Mbappé will continue.

Shield / Flag PSG

“I am disappointed because we are Paris Saint Germain and we want to win. I think we need to improve on many things. Of course it is not the result we wanted, but it is what Saint Etienne deserved. We had some chances, possession. It was a draw. We need to improve. much”, Pochettino insisted, on the other hand, spreading that desire for his star to change things to the rest of his teammates. “I am very happy after 14 months without training, but with a very strange feeling, because the last time I was in a bank there were 62,000 people “, concluded.


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