Pochettino: “I think Neymar and Mbappé will play in Paris next season”

Mauricio Pochettino has gone through the microphones of “El Larguero” from Cadena SER to analyze the pass to the semifinals of Champions and the renovations of Neymar and Mbappé by the Parisian club.

Neymar renewal: “The objective is to keep the best players. The club wants to get the Champions League and the ability of this club is to keep Neymar and Kylian so that they stay for many years.”

Optimistic: “Just as optimistic with both of them. In three months we have a very good relationship. The two players are very committed to the club. Any team wants to have them in their ranks. I am optimistic that they will stay.”

Mbappe: “I think he will play for PSG”.

Viable without one of the two: “The priority is that players with the talent of Neymar and Mbappé continue. We do not think of another plan without these players.”

The money: “It is not only the money. It is the management capacity. It is a structure. Money helps because talent costs. I do not think it is the definitive thing as for example Tottenham without investing we reached the Champions League final”.

Neymar: “He played a great game as did the whole team. He shined. Since we arrived he has had problems and has had problems coming back. Against Bayern he was at a great level.”

Surprising: “In training when you see him, it gives you the feeling of the talent he has for eliminating players, for dribbling, how he turns. He is a player with a capacity for players who come off the street. He is pure talent.”

Neymar, the best: “He is one of the best and is at that last level of geniuses.”

Last level: “Messi, Cristiano and Mbappé”.

Manchester City: “I like to face Pep because I consider him the best coach in the world and when you want to improve you have to compete with the best. It is a huge challenge. City has great individualities”

Guardiola: “His goal is the Champions League. In England he is doing a great job. It doesn't attract my attention. City has been able to reinvent itself after Pellegrini and build a team in its image and likeness.”

Zidane: “He's at Guardiola's level. They have proven to be the best and the results show it.”

Criticized: “Difficult to understand. I have no doubt that Zidane or Guardiola has any debate. Coaches of that level are up there.”

Madrid, favorite: “It is no coincidence when it has so many trophies of this magnitude. There is an internal energy of a club that is a winner and makes a balance and that is competitive. Now the applicants come with strength, energy and I want them to match the clubs that have that solera. Hopefully we are up to the task. “

Ramos at PSG: “I don't like to talk about players who are not in my team. There are many rumors and PSG works to improve the team every year. There is little time left for everything to start moving.”

Mbappé in Madrid: “All the time I am at PSG I would like him to be with me. I would fight with all my strength so that he stays with us. After sharing three months changing rooms with Kylian I will fight with all my strength so that he stays with us.”

Messi: “We greet each other and talk inside with Jordi Alba, Neymar, Rafinha. We had a good gathering. Surely it will soon be known what happens with Leo Messi's future and contract.”

Signed up for this: “I was telling the president and Leonardo that with the coronavirus I had a relaxed life. Now there is a game every three and a half days. The dream is the Champions League. We eliminated Barcelona, ​​Bayern.”

More mature team: “Experience is an important point. Last year having played a final gives a different capacity. They handle that stress differently.”

League: “The team has been one of the most affected by the coronavirus. We are in the whirlpool of so much competition. It is not easy to be regular and the best performance has been in the Champions League. Having been so close makes it a different excitement.”

Eliminate the champion: “I slept little. We are more tired than the players.”

Review the game: “In less than 15 days we have the semifinals. Every three days there is a game.”

Robbery: “It was an unpleasant moment, full of nerves and uncertainty. Di María did not understand why I was taking it out. When I was inside I told him to call his wife. Moments of great tension and nerves. One realizes that football happens to the background “.

Language in the dressing room: “We speak more in English and Spanish than in French although we do not want the identity of the club to be lost.”

Spanish: “Happy. I'm very positive. It deserves to be in the First Division. It's a shame that people can't be there. It's a big team that has to fight for other things.”