Rivaldo ironized about the bad game that the Blaugrana team is showing in recent games. “I want to believe that the recent mediocre performances are the result of these strange times that we are living and I hope that in the next two-three games they are already playing better, “the Brazilian began to explain.

“It is obvious that Barcelona has to improve its football and that it is up to its coach, Quique Setién, who has to find the formula to do something new, different, that allows you to take advantage of the quality of the players you have at your disposal, “said a Rivaldo, who thus asks Setién to increase the performance of his own.” Of course, The last matches make everyone doubt: the fans, the press … we are used to seeing a different Barcelona that does real shows in its matches “Rivaldo insisted.

“Young people are important, but veterans have to give more”

Shield / Flag Barcelona

The Betfair ambassador, a fervent defender of the quarry, believes that kids like Riqui Puig or Ansu Fati will be important in the remaining days, but also warns that it is not a thing for these youth squads to get FC Barcelona out of its current game crisis. “These guys are important to the team, they have a bright future ahead of them, but I don't think they have to be the ones to make the differences, especially now that something so important is being played “, the Ballon d'Or was started in 1999.

“The responsibility should lie with the veterans, those with more experience. They are the ones who must give more”, pointed out directly Rivaldo, who, in addition, does not believe that there are excuses in the age of the stars from Barcelona. “I read in the press that many players are over 30 years old, but I do not agree that this is a problem. These players are able to continue giving the best they have at their age. Look at the Milan that won the Champions in 2007. He had many veterans like Maldini, Dida, Nesta, Inzaghi or Seedorf and he was still a great team “, compared Rivaldo.

“Barcelona today has the conditions to play better and go back to football than they did a couple of years ago. Of course it is important to give opportunities to young people, prepare for the future … but it is the more experienced players who must take responsibility now“the Betfair ambassador insisted.

“Piqué's complaints are understandable”

Rivaldo did not miss the opportunity to assess the errors that the VAR is having and that, in this return from LaLiga, seem to benefit Real Madrid. “In all the games we see some arbitration error that the VAR has not solved. Piqué's complaints are understandable, but perhaps things will change in his favor soon”, said a Rivaldo who does not see conspiracies.

“I do not think errors in favor of Real Madrid are purposelyBecause in a few days these errors may be in Barcelona's favor. Still, I still don't know how the VAR can go on without helping in decisions like a hand or a penalty.“reflected Rivaldo, who in 2001 saw how at the Bernabéu they annulled a goal that became world famous for being controversial.” If then there had been VAR and the goal had been annulled, then it would have to be thought that there was something strange and suspicious , but fortunately the current cases do not reach that, “he was relieved.

“I want to believe that there is no premeditation, because Spanish football is respected throughout the world and to reach that point, that there be external favors to help a club, be it Real Madrid or Barcelona, ​​would be very, very sad. So I don't think the referees or the VAR are malicious to help someone. I hope and trust that when a referee whistles for Real Madrid or Barcelona he will do so judging according to the rules and not the color of the shirts. “

“Arthur had the quality to play for Barcelona”

In Barcelona, ​​the option of Arthur's departure to Juventus in a joint operation to sign Pjanic has gained strength. “Arthur has quality and a style of play that suited him well, so for me it is sad news that he is leaving, but on the other hand, he will have the opportunity to play regularly in a big European club and, curiously, to do so with Cristiano Ronaldo just a few months after playing with Messi “, the Brazilian pointed out.

“Vinicius must continue at that high level, whether he scores or not”

Finally, the Betfair ambassador was pleased that his compatriot Vinicius is showing the leading role that Rivaldo always believed he could achieve at Real Madrid. “When you score goals, then you reinforce your confidence and that is key for a striker, so if you keep scoring, it gives you the advantage to face the next games. In any case, The important thing for Vinicius is that they continue playing at such a high level, whether they score or not, and thus continue to create problems for rival defenses “Rivaldo settled his analysis.