Today, If January 24 is kept as the date to go to the polls to choose a new president of FC Barcelona, ​​only a player from the first team may exercise their right as a member. We are talking about Gerard Piqué, who already participated in those of 2015, on that occasion along with Andrés Iniesta, Xavi Hernández and Carles Puyol, although the latter two were no longer first team players on July 18.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

The reason why there will be such a brief representation of the first team squad in these elections is because Barcelona plays that day in Elche the nineteenth day of LaLiga. In addition, as the game is at 4.15 pm, it forces the Blaugrana expedition to travel a day before to the town of Elche. To all this, in the Barça elections, voting by mail and telematics are prohibited, so the right to vote can only be exercised in person, thus frustrating any attempt to those summoned for that meeting.

Who will be in Barcelona that day is Piqué, immersed in his recovery process from a complicated injury -A partial tear of the anterior cruciate ligament and a grade three sprain of the internal lateral ligament of the right knee. On January 24, the two months of withdrawal will be completed, although in principle it is expected that it will take another month to return to the playing fields.

Ansu, inexperienced

There will be another partner in the squad who will also be in Barcelona on January 24: Ansu Fati. But, in the case of the young Blaugrana forward, does not meet one of the conditions to be able to participate in the electoral processes of FC Barcelona: be one year old. It should be remembered that Fati, who is recovering from a meniscus intervention, became a partner on December 3.

Another player who could go to vote if he was in Barcelona that day would be Sergi Roberto. But everything indicates that the Reus could enter the call: You are in the final stretch of your injury and will meet the deadlines later this month.

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