As he has already dropped once, Gerard Piqué insisted on Movistar Plus that his goodbye to football (he has always said that he will not play in a team other than Barça after goodbye) is close. Although it is true that he did not specify and that he likes to play that, it was the highlight that the Catalan central defender left in his interview in Vamos. This is the transcript of the talk you had with Ricardo Rosety.

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Is it one more Classic?

A Classic, in a way, is more than three points and more than a simple game. Winning your eternal rival gives you strength, courage, confidence. And that in this sport is very important. If you win a Classic, it gives you all that. And the message you give if you win is that you can beat Madrid and compete in the League. The game is important, we come in good dynamics and people are responding. We are well prepared.

Is Madrid favorite?

If they want to be favorites, we can hang the poster for them. But there are no favorites in a Classic and it has been proven historically. I think the two of us are doing well. We have passed our moments of crisis but we are up in the League and recovering in the Champions League. The dynamics

Is this the most mature Piqué?

It goes to times. With age, and when you have lived a bit of everything, you prefer stability, to be calm. Familiarly I’m great, in the team too … I’m fine. I still keep the Gerard that rebel who gets into puddles but I’m enjoying it. I know that I have little left and I do not know how much. I have to enjoy.

What is the role of Ansu, can he be the new reference of the club?

Barça needs figures like that, scorers. People need them, especially when the most important player in our history has left. But you have to be realistic with the kid. He is 19 years old and here the one that has to win the games is the team and that he helps with goals.

How do you see the duel with Vinicius?

Vinicius is faster, more electric, he is more extreme pure. Ansu has the talent of the goal and can play as a forward. I would say that Ansu has more goal and that the other is very electric and, one against one, is one of the best in the world.

Benzema has found recognition. How do you see him?

I think the fact that Cristiano left left him a space to occupy and he has occupied it perfectly. He now has the peace of mind to define well. Karim is more than scoring goals. The last few years he has played great seasons and we know the difficulty. It’s going to be fun and we’re going to have a good time,

Are you expecting a caramel from Alba, do you expect it to be?

It is important that it is there because it gives us a lot. But also because we don’t have that second man to replace him. Other people can play there but it is not their usual position. Jordi gives us a lot with centers, arrivals, goals. We will try to help us and to be there. I am optimistic and I hope this.

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The captain of Barça also spoke in #Let’s go from Movistar, television with LaLiga rights, on the eve of El Clásico. This is the transcript of his talk with Ricardo Rosety.

Could this match be a turning point?

Surely winning would give confidence and allow us to get closer to the head of the League. We are not very far from Madrid, two points away, and there is a lot of league left. But for the confidence it would be important to win.

Who do you think comes best?

We focus on ourselves. We have been uneven in both competitions and against Dinamo we had to be more forceful. The image had to be better, more solid, if you want to compete in all competitions

What difference is there between the National Team and Barça so that they are playing better for the National Team than for Barça?

Much difference. Different coaches, different players, different ways of playing. Each team needs a few things. I’m not here to discuss that, but to try to grow and help both teams.

Are you missing anything other than efficiency?

Yes. In general, you have to be much more solid, especially in both areas. But also in other aspects.

Do you see Ansu as the player who can be the emblem of the club?

It has renovated and is a huge joy. But you have to be aware of how old he is and where he comes from, which is one year without playing due to injury. He has to go little by little. You have to help him but it cannot be the only hope. He can contribute with goals but it is not necessary to burden him with excessive pressure and prominence.

Is it the future duel with Vinicius?

If they are well, they will mark the present and the future. But clubs like Barça and Madrid are always going to have great players.

Are you worried about Benzema?

He is at a very high level, with his club and the National Team. He is a top player. But Madrid not only relies on Benzema and Vinicius, they have a great team. We have our weapons

Are you sure the Camp Nou will be full?

The truth is that we do not think about that. We think that people will be on our side. If we are together and the field is full we will be stronger. We need them and they are sure to respond.


I do not like. I want Barça to be well and win.