This Friday, June 2, the Miami Country Day School closes for vacation. This way, Milan y Sasha They are freed from school obligations to return to Spain for a while and enjoy their paternal family. Own Gerard Piqué He will travel to Miami to pick up his children.

However, according to journalists Laura Fa y Lorraine Vazquez, the days that the children will be with their father in Barcelona will be much fewer than initially planned. On June 17, they will return to the United States.

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Although in the agreement signed by Shakira and the Catalan had established that 66% of the vacation period of the little ones would correspond to their father, that figure now “remains in the air.” “At the expense of the negotiations between Ramón and Paola Tamborero, lawyers for the former soccer player, and Shakira’s lawyers,” Fa and Vázquez say in their podcast, Mamarazzis.

As we publishthe Colombian singer fired her lawyer, Pilar Mañé, before leaving Barcelona on April 2. Mañé was the one who negotiated in front of Ramón and Paola Tamborero the laborious agreement for the custody of the children. The lawyer has not made this break public and she has spoken to the media about the appearance of Milan and Sasha in the video clip of acrosticalthough she no longer represented her former client.

On November 20, Shakira has an appointment at the Barcelona Court as a defendant in 6 tax offenses for defrauding the Treasury of 14.5 million euros. The Prosecutor asks for her 8 years and two months in prison. the interpreter of Waka Waka he has a new lawyer for this trial, since he also fired the previous two.