Piqué looks for the employee who humiliates Clara Chía with derogatory caricatures

The girlfriend of Gerard Piqué, Clara Chia, placed by hand by the footballer in his company Kosmos, does not go down well with some of his co-workers. one or one of them He is dedicated to making caricatures of the former player and his boss’s girlfriend with messages of the type of “wanted. She’s crazy”, and the former Barcelona player has been investigating for days to discover the employee who is raising the controversy.

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But the workers seem to have made a pact of silence and no one opens their lips to reveal the identity of the, the, cartoonist. But a source from the company tells this portal certain details: “That girl is somewhat arrogant, she thinks she is the first lady of the office, she rarely comes here, she teleworks from outside, but if she appears she looks over her shoulder It’s a somewhat unpleasant situation,” he tells us.

Piqué does not believe that this is the case, or he does not seem to realize his girl’s airs, or he is playing the fool in the face of the supposed bad atmosphere generated in Kosmos. Bad roll. Either Gerard takes action on the matter and irons out differences between them or the cartoons will continue to be a reason for revelry among his employees. A situation that cannot be good for the progress of the company.

The search for the person who disregards Clara is one of the priorities of the former Barcelona Football Club player. The bad thing is that he can’t find anyone who wants to collaborate in this research work.