This Tuesday, September 27, will mark a turning point in the complicated negotiations that have been going on for months Gerard Piqué y Shakira.

The appointment of the player of the FC Barcelona with Pilar Mañé, lawyer of the Colombian, and with her own lawyer, Ramón Tamborero, also present, although without the artist, as we already anticipated, it occurs because in the last joint meeting of the center-back and the singer, with their respective defenders, Shakira’s claims, Immutable in his position and without giving an iota to reach a better understanding, they unnerved the Catalan soccer player, who left the meeting in the Tamborero office and left slamming the door (symbolically).

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Gerard Piqué intends this Tuesday to calmly explain to the lawyer of the mother of his two children what his position is, which by the way, according to some relatives, “has hardened regarding the future of the children.”

If they ever reached a certain consensus, by which the children would spend two years in Catalonia and then go with their mother to Miami, at this moment the Barça defender wants his children to live with him in Barcelona, ​​that is, he wants his guard and custody for an indefinite time, without further concessions to his mother.

The player’s relationship with Clara Chía has given him more strength and also a certain feeling of guilt has disappeared, which came over him when the breakup occurred when his infidelities were made public.

Piqué has had enough of Shakira’s intransigence and takes a very firm attitude himself. Everything indicates that this appointment could end any possibility of continuing to negotiate and that finally the story will end in court, with one and the other facing each other, at the expense of what the judges decide.