if the song of Shakira caused a distance between the soccer player and his girlfriend due to the darts and insinuations of the Colombian, they have already overcome it. Or are on it. The last Sunday, Clara Chia accompanied Gerard Piqué In a new day of the Kings League and although they did not sit down together, the former footballer got up several times to kiss his girl.

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The Kosmos employee came for work reasons, as she is one of the organizers of the sporting event chaired by Piqué. She shared the platform with him and other colleagues but, as can be seen in the images, it was Gerard himself who broke the professional barrier to kiss his girl.

In another video shared by the same account, Piqué can be seen very relaxed and laughing with david broncanopresenter of The resistance. It seems that, despite everything, the ex-Blaugrana defender does not lose his good humour.

The couple continues to weather the storm after the global launch of Session 53. After Shakira’s musical review of her ex, her girlfriend and even her mother-in-law, Piqué and Clara have had to deal with rumors of an alleged infidelity on the part of the businessman with a well-known lawyer from Barcelona. None of the interested parties has spoken for the moment to deny or confirm anything.