Gerard Piqué He meets this Thursday, February 2, 36 years old. A date of birth that you happen to share with Shakiraalthough the singer was born 10 years earlier and is turning 46. For the first time, since they fell in love in 2010, and after their breakup in June 2022, they celebrate their birthdays separately.

While the Colombian has started the day taking her children Milan y Sasha to school and thanking the congratulations from the press with a big smile, the former footballer has done it very seriously and accompanied by Clara Chiawith whom he is going through the sweetest moment of his relationship.

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Since Piqué ‘officialized’ their courtship by sharing his first image with the young Catalan on social networks just a week ago, the couple has become inseparable and in recent days they have been seen together on several occasions leaving the ex-soccer player’s penthouse in the Muntaner street, smiling and exuding complicity.

And Gerard’s birthday has not been an exception, since repeating the ‘script’ of the last few days, they have left the house where they have lived together for a few months early, ignoring the questions from the press. However, on this occasion both Piqué and Clara have been very serious, and have even turned up the volume of the music to the maximum when we have congratulated the ex-soccer player.

Ahead, an intimate celebration in which he will blow out the 36 candles together with his girlfriend and his closest circle, and in which, as his entourage has slipped, he will fulfill his professional obligations at the head of the company he chairs and in which works Clara, Kosmos.

Shakira, happy with her children

For her part, and despite being a very special day, Shakira has not altered her routine at all and this morning, first thing in the morning, she left her home to take her children Milan and Sasha to school. Something that she has not done in recent days, in which she has not been seen, but that she shows that the little ones are her absolute priority and that she tries to spend as much time as possible with them.

Wearing a pink bubblegum sweatshirt, her long hair loose and black sunglasses, the singer greeted the press with a smile, thanking her for the congratulations on her 46th birthday.

Minutes later, she returned home accompanied by her brother. Tonino, again giving us a big smile despite keeping silent about how he is going to blow out the candles. What does seem clear is that she will spend a good part of the day working.

Shakira would be finalizing the details of her next single, which apparently will be a new ‘revenge’ against Piqué and that, although it was speculated that it would see the light of day this Thursday coinciding with their birthdays, in the end it has not been like that. What we do know is the first gift that the singer has received today: a detail related to surfing that the friends with whom she practices this sport on the coast of Cantabria have sent her in a basket to her house.