Piqué and Clara Chía, surrendered to the ‘matching couple’ trend in a new romantic date in Barcelona

While the world ‘burns’ around you, Gerard Piqué y Clara Chia they make time to enjoy such natural moments in a relationship as meeting friends for lunch. An appointment that denies a crisis between them and that comes to confirm that the young woman in her twenties is fully integrated into the intimate circle of the former Barça player.

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“Yesterday Piqué and Clara Chía ate together with Ter Stegen (the goalkeeper of the azulgrana club). Whoever took the photo told us that they greeted Clara in a very familiar way”, revealed Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez in the Catalan program Blue print.

The meal took place in a Japanese restaurant where Futbol Club Barcelona players often go and which is not suitable for everyone’s pockets. According to the journalists, “it is expensive”, it is around “100 euros per head at least”.

It also calls our attention that the owner of Kosmos and his girlfriend have chosen to wear identical outfits for the occasion. Both have chosen pants and denim jackets oversize. Although considering that as Piqué himself confessedit is Clara who buys her clothes, it is not surprising that the young woman has decided to surrender to the trend matching couple, which is about going to play with your boy / girl. A response to the attacks of Shakira?