If they thought the dust would calm down after the official withdrawal of Gerard Piqué and ratify their official separation from Shakira, they were wrong. The Colombian fans continue to do their thing and this time it is a woman, who is filling her wall in Twitter with caricatures of the soccer player and Clara Chia quite offensive.

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The account is called ‘My best memes’ and shows drawings of the couple, together or separately, emphasizing traits such as envy, lust or absolute mismatch. In fact, there are several cartoons in which they appear with beers in their hands and very explicit messages that indicate the tendency of Piqué and his young girlfriend to attend parties (and not Christmas, precisely).

“Drunk Piqué”, “When you’re crazy and you have a few drinks” or “The bad thing about drinking like there’s no tomorrow is that there is… and with photos!” are some of the texts that accompany the cartoons.

In addition, Clara is also portrayed in the Kosmos office, where she works for Piqué, or did until a few weeks ago, when her colleagues leaked that she had locked herself up at home to avoid the photographers and attended to her obligations from there: “Wanted. Reward. Employee at Kosmos. She’s crazy”.