The Pione Sisto soap opera will experience one of his last episodes tomorrow with the return to work of the Danish international. After a week exercising in the garden of his house, tomorrow he will return to the sports facilities of A Madroa. Yes, will not coincide with his teammates on the pitch, as he has not been included in any of the three group shifts organized to work tomorrow from 10:00 in the sports city of Vigo. Therefore, he will train alone, outside the group.

His flight to Denmark without permission from the club in full confinement has cost him a severe fine that exceeds 60,000 euros and has led him to be removed from the work dynamics of the olive entity. Óscar said a few days ago that he would like to have the Danish under his command, but “at the moment this cannot be the case”, while Mouriño stated that “Pione has a problem and does not collaborate to solve it”.

The celestial coach will meet Pione Sisto tomorrow at the sports facilities of A Madroa and will try to make him see reason so that he can redirect his attitude. One of Óscar's first decisions was to recover the Danish international for the cause, with a good result. However, the pandemic has once again brought out Sisto's worst face, that of rebellion and disobedience.

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* Data updated as of May 17, 2020

The positive aspects that Pione Sisto brings to the balance are his return to Vigo on time, taking the fine and undergoing the two COVID-19 tests along with the rest of the staff. His future, however, is increasingly far from Vigo. He has one year left on his contract, so This summer will be the last opportunity for Celta to recover part of the 6.5 million euros invested in his transfer in the summer of 2016


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