“What is the height of Pinocchio”, should say one of those bad old jokes. The answer could be: the height of a Pinocchio is going to the polygraph. The name of the doll whose nose grows when it lies serves as a nickname for the character who this Friday visited the Telecinco set before a discreet audience: it did not reach one million viewers and was crushed by the premiere of Your face is familiar to me on Antena 3, which comfortably exceeded two and a half million.

Luis Manuel, 38 years old, it is his real name and he defends that he is the brother of Anabel Pantoja (36), the alleged son of Bernardo Pantoja. Pinocchio lived up to his nickname and broke the record for lies in Conchita’s polygraph, in exchange for which they say that he took a check for almost ten thousand euros, although he assures that he did not do it for money: “It gives me It doesn’t matter if Anabel Pantoja wants to have a relationship with me or not. I’ll tell you the same thing about the last name. For me it’s the least of it. I do this for my mother, also because Bernardo told me so.” He does not rule out resuming her friendship with her supposed sister: “Why not have a good relationship with her? The arrival of a brother is not a bad thing. She has a lot of temperament, she is Pantoja and that’s it,” he commented .

He has always maintained a cordial relationship with Anabel, although by WhatsApp. He was broken by the recording of the Paz Padilla program (already withdrawn due to low audience)Who is my father?: “I recorded a documentary for the Tele Factory, but Anabel found out and cut the documentary,” she revealed.

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“I’ve never had a father figure. It hurt me that he called my sister and I didn’t. I never felt like a father. I don’t want to talk about it, but I don’t come here to lie, I just come to tell the truth” .

However, he admitted that it was common for Bernardo to come to the school to see him. “I had special treatment with him.” In addition, she had a conversation with Bernardo in which he told her to formalize everything and go to a clinic. “He told me yes, even to do an exclusive,” she said.

Unsisterly relationship with his alleged sister

One of the questions that the Andalusian had to answer was related to the alleged not exactly fraternal relationship that existed in his day between Pinocchio and Anabel Pantoja, who could be his biological sister: there was a fooling around years ago.

The polygraph revealed that Pinocchio and Anabel fooled around when he already knew they could be brothers: “I’m not going to talk about this, but let’s see, we were very young, we would have been about 16 years old, Anabel was a very pretty girl,” said the interviewee before those present, shocked when the cake was discovered, and taking into account that Pinocchio was already aware at that time of the rumors that claimed that he was the biological son of Bernardo Pantoja.

It was not the only matter that surprised. “Have you been saying through Triana that you bought the husband of Maria Patino a high-end car?”, they asked her. She answered no and it came out that she was lying. María Patiño was very surprised.

It was also revealed that Bernardo Pantoja attended his first communion and several of his birthdays when he was a child. Or that he betrayed Anabel Pantoja’s cousin by notifying a photographer to record him leaving “a bar with little lights.” We also learned thanks to the polygraph that Pinocchio is envious of Anabel Pantoja’s high standard of living or that Junco warned him when Bernardo was in the hospital behind his daughter Anabel’s back. It was also revealed that the late Bernardo, Isabel Pantoja’s brother, did not publicly acknowledge him as his son because he was afraid of the Pantojas’ reaction and that he is one hundred percent convinced that he is the son of Bernardo Pantoja. “I have DNA evidence,” he stated. He found out in 2017 the identity of his alleged father. “Bernardo told me that he had had a relationship with my mother,” he explained.

The Sevillian is therefore in a position to guarantee that Isabel Pantoja’s brother, who died on November 25, is her father. He explained how she found out about the supposed identity of her parent. “In Triana, when he was a boy, I always heard the comment that he was Bernardo’s son,” he recounted. “When you’re little, you don’t take these comments into account, but when I grew up I asked my mother about it and she confessed it to me,” he admitted. “One day I had breakfast with Bernardo and Junco and he told me that he had a friendly relationship with my mother and as a result of that I was born. So I was a little confused,” he said. But Pinocchio’s mother wanted to live the story in secret. “The reason for the secrecy is that then my mother had her girlfriend and I understand that she had a slip. At that time that was very frowned upon.”