Pablo Piatti It was a surprising signing of the Elche just a few weeks ago. The 32-year-old Argentine footballer was without a team after passing through the Toronto and the club from Elche thought of its experience and quality to help the whole of Fran Scribe in its attempt to obtain the permanence in First division.

Four games have been played only by the former de Almeria, Valencia Y Spanish among other teams. Against Atlético it may be the fifth. And Piatti's story is closely linked to that of the mattress coach. Diego Simeone.

For only 17 years, and in youth age, Cholo made him debut with the first team of Estudiantes, which would end up proclaiming itself champion against all odds against Boca Juniors and River Plate. 15 years later, their paths cross again at the Martínez Valero. And whatever happens, the figure of Simeone He will always be in the heart of the Argentine soccer player, who is “a special person” in his life.

“He made me debut in Estudiantes when I was a kid. I will always be grateful to you. Professionally, he takes you to the limit and you could already see different things at that time because live the competition to the fullest 24 hours a day ”, Piatti recalled at a press conference before receiving Atlético el Elche.

“When he enters a place and speaks, everyone is silent because he knows that he is going to say something important, “added the forward about the Argentinian Atlético coach, who he does not see” beaten or down. ” “They have a very clear idea of ​​the game and so do we. I know the coach well and they don't give up anything for lost ”.


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