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Pesic: “We lost by not having second attacks and not catching rebounds”

George Williams



BARCELONA, Jan. 11 (SportsFinding) –

Barça coach Svetislav Pesic has assured that they have lost the match against Anadolu Efes Istanbul (82-86) at Palau Blaugrana for not being able to close the rebound or be aggressive in the offensive rebound, and congratulated the Turks for dominating almost the entire match and recovering from the +7 that Barça had in the last quarter of the game.

“We have had our opportunities, but they have controlled the game almost 40 minutes. In the first part, with the Delaney triples, we have been hooked to the rhythm of the game and also in the second with the Kuric triples. We have not lost because they will not enter more triple, but because we have not had second attacks, because we have not taken rebounds, or not enough, “he lamented in a press conference.

Pesic said that basketball is “simple” and that triple is not enough. “You have to control the defensive rebound, and we have not been aggressive enough in the rebound and I do not like that. It is not possible to win the game like this, before a great team like Efes, although we had our option. In the last effort, when we didn't put our shots open, we had our heads down, “he said.

“We had a mentality of thinking that we would win again as we won at Madrid. But repeating that level of play is very difficult. Against Madrid we play at a high level, or Madrid did not, I do not know. For me this game does not he had all the bad parts, there were times when we played well in defense, and in attack. But when the game is decided, although not all shots can be put in, more aggressiveness is needed to catch the ball again in offensive rebounds. ” He nodded.

In this regard, he reiterated that an attack does not end without loading the offensive rebound. “You have to try to attack and with the rule that the attack ends with the offensive rebound, just as the defense ends with the defensive rebound. We can fight for the offensive rebound but tonight, for several reasons, we didn't catch it,” concluded.

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