Pescados Rubén Burela, champion for the sixth time of the Primera Iberdrola futsal


Pescados Rubén Burela revalidated the Spanish women’s futsal league title this Wednesday after beating Futsi Atlético Navalcarnero 4-0, in the third and final match of the Primera Iberdrola playoff final.

The team coached by Julio Delgado from Salamanca cemented its victory in a first half with fissures at the back and with sharpness in attack, since with goals from Dany Domingos and Irene Samper they went into half-time with a 2-0 lead in the light of the Vista Municipal Pavilion Cheerful.

The game was less than two minutes old when Dany, after a pass from Irene Samper herself, dribbled past Marta Balbuena to put the Galicians ahead. Before, Emilly had already warned the squad with a shot.

Atlético Navalcarnero reacted soon to that goal through a one-on-one from Irene Córdoba, then with a shot from her sister Laura in an indirect foul and later with an action by María Sanz, against which goalkeeper Caridad García intervened well.

The Madrid chances did not come in and the next Galician one did. Dany won the fight against Anita Luján in the corner and served for Samper to make it 2-0; same protagonists as in the 1-0, but with changed roles. The third could even have arrived shortly after in an action by Patricia Ortega that was blocked by goalkeeper Marta Ortega.

After the break, the game entered a phase of intensity, with many interruptions and arrivals in both areas, but without being too clear. Thus, the Madrid players opted for the game of five with time ahead. With 10 minutes left, María Sanz put on her shirt for the first time. But Burela defended well and, in fact, had their chances, first through Antía and Caridad with shots from their own half; and then with a one-on-one from Emilly that Marta stopped.

The sentence came with just over three minutes remaining, when Antía converted a double penalty, which Atlético Navalcarnero found impossible to overcome. But she did not stop trying, since a shot against the post by Irene Córdoba with 11 seconds left showed what the duel was for the visitors just before Cami closed the scoring.

Pescados Rubén Burela achieved its sixth league title, four in the last five years, to equal Atlético Navalcarnero, its rival in this edition, at the top of the list. The Galicians took advantage, this time, of the home court factor to take the final point in a match that they dominated from the beginning.