Perera: “Our premise is to grow from defending well”

Objective: permanence: “When the calendar comes out we see the teams that will fight for salvation. We believe that Huesca and Cádiz are two teams that will fight not to go down and it will be a very difficult match. The other day it was a total reality check. Osasuna played a game like the one we usually do, defending well and making few mistakes. We made two mistakes and they scored two goals. We generate clear chances and we don't materialize any. “

Cadiz Shield / Flag

Clean sheet: “A clean sheet will lead you to win. In the First Division, with the footballers in all teams, it is very difficult to keep a clean sheet. We limited Osasuna to making few shots, in the two errors they shot us twice and scored us twice. Our premise is to defend well and grow in the game from there. “

Confidence in the fight: “The team competed and that's why we ended up happy with the attitude. We made elaborate occasions, they didn't come out of nowhere. When they put us ahead on the scoreboard, if it costs in Second, then in First it costs double. I'm very calm because I know the team is going to compete in Huesca, I'm sure of that. “

Different match to Second: “There we were playing a promotion, we came after confinement and now it is different. We are in First, the second day and I think it will be a different game from the end of last season“.

Squad improvements: “There have been several footballers who have missed almost 80% of the preseason, players who a priori are called to be important. The work week has been very good and those footballers will be available. They will arrive more rolled, physically better, psychologically better. Spending so long without leaving home is difficult for anyone “.