Pere Guardiola and Marcelo Claure join the Girona board of directors

He Girona continues its reorganization in the offices and has already formed what will be the new board of directors of the entity, who will preside Pere Guardiola. The brother of the Manchester City coach, who was already part of the shareholding, now has more direct control of the entity. The until now president of the council, Ignasi Mas-Bagà, will continue to act as CEO, that is, who will control the day to day of the club. Delfí Geli continues to be the club president.

Girona Shield / Flag

These changes actually go further. Marcelo Claure joins a council that has been increased from four to six directors, in which they have also joined Roger Solé and Simon Cliff. The restructuring of the board of directors is the logical consequence of the changes in the shareholding with the acquisition by Claure of a major package of shares. The ownership of the club, right now, is divided by the Bolivian businessman, Pere Guardiola and the City Football Group.