The Madrilenian, as always, swimming, but I keep my clothes, he wanted to show his disapproval with the performance of the referee once the UD Las Palmas received on Saturday night a penalty against in Castalia one of those that can be called quite tight or interpretive, according to the referee's criteria, who scored a match that ended with a 4-0 result in favor of the locals.

Shield / Flag Las Palmas

Overall rating of the match: “It is a difficult game to explain without getting into puddles or problems and without crossing the line of being sanctioned. I don't know, you have seen the game. Obviously, we have not been well. The play of the second goal is our mistake and we have not been able to have a match that put us in being able to fight the result. That is, it has cost us a lot, but hey, the vicissitudes of everything that happened in the first half, of which we left with five yellow cards It slowed us down. It's very difficult to explain. Well, it's very easy to explain, but very difficult not to get into trouble. “

Arbitration: “In Almería they gave us a penalty, like here. For us, like the wolf of the three little pigs, with a blow is a penalty. What happened I do not explain because they are going to sanction me. In the end Pablo Iglesias will be right when he says that there is no freedom of expression. Unfortunately, the fans of UD Las Palmas forgive me. Without strange circumstances we could have been in the game, but every time we put the leg in it was yellow. It is very complicated “.

More ratings of the meeting: “I think I have been clear. I have said that the second goal cannot be scored in our lives. We lose the ball and the Castellón player has the Barajas T-4 until he reaches goal … That is our fault. The refereeing has an effect on putting you 1-0 against, the first to Araujo is a joke, leaving with five yellows and the referee threatening me … Well, we gave away the second goal and in the third goal we looked like cones, but I understand that my players reduced the intensity because we could have stayed with three. We have to be much more serious. The referee who whistles what comes out of his balls, but we have to be more serious. Castellón has to have more problems to beat us, with a referee and without a referee. “

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