Pepe returns to Madrid to face Atlético, with whom he had so many high-intensity duels during his time as a Real Madrid player. At 38 years old, the central defender visits the Wanda Metropolitano as a key player in Porto's defense and thinks big, with victory as the great goal.

He plays against Atlético again.

The most important thing is that we are motivated to be in the club we are in, which represents a lot, our region, Portugal and that is why we have to be motivated.

He has never lost playing in the Atlético field.

I did not know this statistic. I am happy to return to Spain, where I have spent ten very good years in my career, my daughters were born and I have great affection for Spain and its hobby. In this match I will defend my club in the best possible way, I will honor the colors that I represent to try to help the team and my teammates.

He faces a great forward, who is he most afraid of?

When I prepare, I do it with the utmost rigor and respect for everyone. I know that they will do everything in their power to score, just as I will do to defend and that they don't succeed.

Do you have the recipe to stop Suárez or Griezmann? Did you speak with João Félix?

The recipe is work, it is very simple. Try to have fun. I have not spoken with João, with the national team we represent the national team, not our club. Tomorrow we may meet, but he will do what is best for his team and I for mine.

It is a difficult group.

When we enter the Champions League we know that there are no easy games, football is different from what it was ten years ago and everything has changed a lot, all the games are very demanding. Porto's mission is to fight, to work to achieve victory wherever we go and the goal is to always win. So we go to Madrid, respecting the adversary, but that is our feeling when we wear the shirt.

Can a tie be good?

To say if the draw will be good, we would have to wait for the last game of the group stage. We are on a mission to win, it is a very difficult group and in these cases all points count towards the final result.

Are there similarities between Porto and Atlético?

We have to be in the club and know what our profile and our demands are. We have a lot of grit, pressure, we represent a region and in this case also Portugal, it is a great responsibility for us. We are focused on what the coach asks of us, they too, I don't know if we are similar, it's not up to me to say it.

There will be no Porto fans.

I want to leave a few words for the injured Sporting fan, encouragement for him and his entire family. We are going there for victory and that is our goal.