Laura Scanes (26) recovered the illusion in love with Alvaro de Luna (29). The relationship between the Catalan influencer and the Sevillian singer, which is consolidating by leaps and bounds as the months go by, was discovered shortly after she announced her separation from Risto Mejide (48) last September.

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She is content, happy and openly boasts of her courtship with the young artist on her social networks. A week ago, in fact, she published the most romantic image of the two. At an event together and melting into loving gestures. Few words were enough to describe the full moment that she is living: “Well accompanied”, she wrote next to a red heart.

Scans also answers some questions related to the two. Proof of this, the publication that he posted this Monday. A follower was interested in the moon-shaped tattoo that she has on her shoulder. When asked if it is “new”, she replied: “It is from months ago because with Rome we always say ‘I love you to the moon’. Although people look for other meanings.”

This Monday, Risto also caused a stir by speaking, for the first time, of the relationship he has with the Valencian Natalia Almarcha. He is 27 years old, one more than Laura. “I’m in a very happy moment. I’m with a person I’m getting to know, it’s a relationship that has just begun, a stage, I’m not going to deny it,” he confessed in Focus. He also responded to the criticism: “I’m fine, I’m happy, and I fall in love regardless of the age difference I have.”

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As for Risto and Laura, the two maintain a good relationship for the sake of the little girl. Romaborn in October 2019. In fact, the model congratulated him last Sunday on the occasion of Father’s Day.