Dani Pendín, second coach of Espanyol, exercised this Wednesday of the first sword when leading the team to the Vicente Moreno is absent from the stage in Marbella, since the Valencian is recovering from the Covid.

After the defeat against UD Las Palmas, Pendín tried to reassure to the fans and asked for patience. Not many conclusions can be drawn after the first friendly.

“Soccer is the areas, we had chances to score and we were not successful. But the important thing is to have them, we had quite a few chances, and we are happy about that ”, the coach explained to the club's official media. And he admitted that “the preseason is for this, to correct things and to let the players pick up their tone little by little ”.

Pendín considers that “the preseason is to accumulate minutes, you do not have to look at results that will come ”.

Leandro Cabrera, the only one of the players who played the 90 minutes of the game, pointed out after the defeat that “it was a good game in general terms, we had many chances and even clearer than the ones they had. But youIt is still time to refine a little in the two areas in general, continue with the loads, the rhythm and accumulating minutes ”.