Midfielders Édgar González and Roberto González Bayón 'Rober', who are returning from their respective assignments to Oviedo and Las Palmas, and nine players from the quarry will begin the preseason under the command of Chilean Betis coach, Manuel Pellegrini, in the first of the concentrations that the verdiblanco team will do in Switzerland from July 7 to 17.

The affiliate players that enter, in a first phase of the preseason, in Pellegrini's plans are Dani Rebollo, Marc Vidal -Villarreal signed-, Fran Delgado, Kike Hermoso, Calderón, Marchena, Manu Morillo, Rodrigo Sánchez 'Rodri' and Raúl García de Haro.

Of these, Rodri is the one with the most experience in the first team, having played fifteen games last season, five of them as a starter, and having settled on Pellegrini's plans in his first season on the Betic bench.