Pedro Sanchez This 28M suffered a setback well above the worst expectations. However, the president did not show his face this Sunday and remained with Begoña Gomez and his family in La Moncloa. The PSOE leader avoided talking about the poor results of his party or congratulating feijóo for the more than 700,000 votes of difference that the Popular Party has obtained and that have made it recover six autonomies and govern practically all the great Spanish capitals except Barcelona and Vigo.

The President of the Government did not even go to the federal headquarters of his party on Calle Ferraz in Madrid, as happened four years ago. He also did not make the slightest assessment or balance of damages, although there are not a few barons who point to his pact policy or his closeness to Bildu as part of his failure.

In the early hours of this Monday, several socialist leaders criticized that Sánchez did not appear. On the 29th, he is expected at the headquarters of his party to preside over the Federal Executive Commission that will face reality and analyze the results. Socialist sources, however, do not confirm any schedule for the president to face the militancy in Ferraz.

Who did appear this Sunday was the spokeswoman Pilar Alegria: “We pick up the glove, we understand the message,” he said. “I want to recognize the defeat of the PSOE, it is a bad result for the Socialist Party”, admitted the Minister of Education. “It is evident that this result is a bad result for the Socialist Party, it is not at all what we expected,” she pointed out in a short three-minute intervention in which she did not admit questions. Not even the one that this 28M became citizens of the left and right after the disaster: What will Sánchez say now?