Pedro Piqueras gets involved and reveals who will win the battle between Pablo Motos, Broncano and Latre

Since Peter Piqueras He said goodbye to the audience on December 21, 2023, his life has finally given him the respite he needed. Now he no longer lives glued to current events, he does not watch the news looking for faults nor does he feel obliged to be so up to date with the national and international conflicts that surround us. And, he says quietly, so that his confession is almost “off the record”, that now he even smiles more.

“I don’t miss my job at all, what I do miss is the people, the wonderful colleagues I had. There came a time, three years before I left, when I thought it was time to go, but I couldn’t because the pandemic hit, the war in Ukraine… I set my departure when there was an elected president, and so I did. And I’m happy, because there are now people who are doing very well,” he told us, while confessing: “I have worked hard for 51 years and I missed so much the possibility of having a beer with my family or friends in the afternoon that that’s why I’m enjoying it. I don’t want to think about work, although I admit that I would like to do something, because I love this profession.”

“I’m thinking about it because They ask me for a book about my life and my experience, and it is very difficult for me to talk about myself. “Maybe he would do something with me as a witness, but he wouldn’t put anyone down. It would be a nice thing and I don’t know what will come of it,” he confessed to us at an event where Pedro got the first look at the new hamburgers that chef Dabiz Muñoz has created for Burger King, a dinner at which he was accompanied by other celebrities such as Anne Igartiburu, Paula Echevarría and Alba Carrillo.

But while he decides whether or not to write, for now, he says, he is having a great time giving lectures or interviews. “And I am enjoying life a little more, going to concerts, theatres, walking around Madrid in the afternoon… “Things that I didn’t even do on weekends before because I was tired. And I’m like a child enjoying those things, and very busy,” the journalist confessed to us, and he is now realizing the affection he inspires among people: “I have more fans now than ever,” he said, amused.

As for television, he had no trouble admitting that he is not “as attentive as before”: “Now I swallow everything with a wonderful ingenuity,” said the journalist, who this summer plans to take a trip around the Cantabrian Sea and visit the island of La Palma. Despite his media relaxation, he did dare to talk about the season that will begin in September and the tough competition that there will be in the access where, curiously, he positioned himself for what until recently was his competition: “I think that It will be difficult to unseat Pablo Motos, I think he is very strong and there are things like the loyalty of the public, which are very difficult to change from one day to the next. As an older guy who had already made it on TV, I had that advantage of loyalty. And now I’m noticing it. When you’re around for a long time, people trust you, so I think it’s going to be difficult to unseat Pablo Motos. Now, the other two options are very good, both Broncano and Carlos Latre. For me it’s a mystery to see how they’re going to work. But they’re impressive. They’ll need a while in which the public gives one a bad name, another a thumbs up, until they stick with their program,” he predicted.